Marry Me This Christmas

Director: Megan Follows
Cast: Brandon Jay McLaren, Eugene Clark, Gabrielle Graham
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2020
89 mins


Daniel English – a bighearted, energetic, buoyant pastor who walks the talk – returns to his hometown to take the reigns from his mentor, the retiring pastor at Canaan Christian Church. And very quickly, he falls for parishioner Angela, seeking his help with her ailing father. He tries to tell her how he feels…but blurring those professional and personal lines stymies him. Then suddenly, Angela comes to him and asks, “Will you marry me?” Pastor Daniel is thrilled – until he realizes Angela is asking him to marry her TO HER FIANCE this Christmas. Now, while helping the couple prepare for their wedding, Daniel – overwhelmed with guilt – is also secretly trying to break them up. Just how far will he go for true love?